return policy

Contact us at for any inquiries or to place an order. The cart is down due to not being able to keep up with all of the international shipping options at the moment. We can send you an invoice if the item(s) is in stock, which most are.


Please read all terms before purchase



Read it- we're weirdos and it will be interesting at the very least!

We strive to answer questions quickly and concisely. We try and treat every customer equally.  It's in our best interest to serve you well and have you coming back again and again. We certainly dont know the answer to everything. Thats where your research and knowledge comes in. We wont answer every question of advice, things we have to convert, or impolitely put questions/statements. Not becasue we dont wish to but, we cant. We get a lot of real questions as is.

At this point, we dont weigh objects for your weight weenie project. Most stated weights are somewhere online. We understand you may be building a super light, balanced bike but many times we end doing a lot of work for Looky Lous so we just dont.  Many times we have requests for weights on the cheapest parts. Cheapest parts usually equals heavy parts.

We also dont take weird measurements outside of the industry standards. We cant guess at conversions and approximates. Usually you need metric rulers and verneir calipers to properly know your sizes in mm. Many parts seem close but may not be compatible within a .mm. Yes cinelli stems and bars, or seatposts that need to be precise sizes.

There is a decent amount of reading here because weve been doing this for the last decade and weve been asked and told everything. We know what our limitations and responsibilities are and those of the customers. Its not the customer is always right but, neither are we. Noone is always right or can absorb everything. There are as many things to get your ousted from the store as there are reasons you would not want to purchase from us. We strive for mutually beneficial relationship and having you come back becasue you like what we have and/or our service. Not through fancy marketing or bombarding you with coupons or advertisements to buy things you dont want or need. We certainly are not competing in the race to the bottom of being the cheapest. businesses require funds and there is a massive of time and capital involved in having the selection of out of production products that we do.

We are in the odd predicament of being aware of over consumption and being a business that likes to sell fun things We may not be to everyones liking or a perfect fit for everyone and thats just life.

This website is new venture and is a slow start and far from perfect. Prices may not be correct, pictures may be wonky, or something may be out of stock, and we will dial these things in as we progress. Things may not be as smooth as we would like at first but all part of changing.

Why did we write this? People get mad because these parts are not the same price as they were in 1985 or because we cant offer you the same price as a flea market score. remember, you dont actually need any of this stuff. We want to sell you bits but, the worlds a big shit whole of corruption and inequality so your money may be better spent helping those being destroyed or keeping it for the inevitable collapse that is occurring right now, whether temporary or permanent.


Returns Policy

We do not take returns. If we messed up, we fix it. If we sent you the correct item as described and we have a 99.99% record of doing that, the part is now yours. Sorry, were not amazon. That's business model is why the world is dying, more cheap stuff with no responsibility of the super consumer and extreme entitlement. We realize that this is not how others do it and that's fine, you can find it elsewhere. Were not trying to be horrible but this is the only way we will continue to sell. After what has become of commerce, were pretty much done and will soon be sustenance farmers. Literally leaving how we have made a living for a while due to the way humanity operates being entitled and narcissistic. I have no filter on my thoughts, never have but, the few times I have had to keep it contained, it does me damage. Luckily, I have strong morals, Actual morals which means I strive for excellence in whatever I do. This happens to be my special interest (if you know what I mean). Yes I'm aware that sounds pompous but I don't really know how else to put it. In a world where we wrap ourselves in religion and patriotism, almost no one lives those values. Its usually quite the opposite, lots of projecting. I have broken brain to the neuro-typical as who would write such things but, there-in lies the problem. I take literally my contract to get you what you purchased for the reason that it makes sense.  If this is all too much for you, good luck on your search. Hopefully i will close this website soon and be growing delicious organic food full time and not selling any of it.We humans are declining fast due to the extreme narcissism of our species and we have made the simple act of selling goods, really stressful and taken almost all of the joy out of it so if any of us value that and we find another way. Get out while you still can.  This stuff is cool but, no one needs any of it.

Shipping, mostly international

Please do not send shipping requests after purchase.  If you need something special, such as shipping requests or different address, send us a message before purchase as we may not be able to accommodate everything and this just puts us on the spot. Noone likes being pressured.

Were fast shippers but if you need it next day, we may not be able to do it. We try but, are incredibly busy with many customers. We like a more relaxed approach to business and take offense to being pushed but, we do not dilly dally or fart around. Its in our best interest as well, to get your items to you fast and as described.

We ship all over the world, although we have restrictions and places we will not ship to. Usually due to past issues or postal systems that may not be consistent. We love everyone and would like to ship everywhere but some of our shipping partners may not get it right. This also means that for international shipping, we do not just shove parts in an envelope for cheap shipping. Certain countries require delivery/signature confirmation. As soon it becomes safe to ship cheaper due to upgraded systems, we would certainly do so. But we will not send

We also cannot make packages arrive any faster. They are filled out correctly with the proper customs information. The actual paid values are written on the forms and we will not declare lower dollar amounts. This may get your order refunded for asking! We are a real company and cannot put ourselves at risk so you can save a few dollars on duties. Duties are your responsibility 100%, this is not negotiable.  We do not always agree with the fees some people may be required to pay but, cannot do anything about it.

You will get a tracking number in your email so it is your responsibility to watch or sign up with your carriers online for updates. We ship USPS exclusively for the time being so all numbers will be track-able there and sometimes not after they are handed off to your carriers. Were not watching thousands of tracking numbers to see when they arrive and do not want contact after your item has been sitting in customs for weeks complaining.  With the tracking number, you can always find and may to have request special deliveries or pay fees to your carriers befor erecipt.  We are not sending packages out, so you can change your mind and let them come back to us. Just dont order in that case. If we ship internationally, the shipping paid has been used to post the item(s) and is not refundable upon being unclaimed or not picked up. If and when everything arrives back to us, you will be charged 20% restock on the value of the item and refunded minus the original shipping cost.

Remember this is not the 1970's, 80's or 90's. These parts are not currently competitive and most are mostly luxury items. Dont freak out. They are awesome, In demand, out of production and therefore rare and getting more so. They are amazing designs for the most part, mating design/art with function. Add nostalgia to that.

If price is your leading factor, second hand elsewhere may be your best bet and there are many modern cheap alternatives to keep your bike moving. Noone needs a $500 saddle but many want it and we cant blame them. These are prizes.

This will be edited frequently at first. Be courteous and we will do same.