Please contact us for new payment instructions. We no longer accept paypal.

Posted by Mr. bike nerd on Nov 18th 2019


Due to Paypals new policy of keeping processing fees related to refunds, we will no longer be using Paypals integrated payment service. For the time being we will send paypal invoices for inquires as we do not have the time to walk each customer through an alternative method. We hate paypal and will drop them the moment we can without it hurting us more!But for now, were stuck with dealing with truly atrocious garbage companies that make the world shittier for everyone.

Paypal has bee the standard for 20 years due to ebay forcing it on merchants as the only real payment method. Now paypal, who makes billions in profits, has now decided to keep refund fees associated with transactions that you, the customer ask us to cancel, for whatever reason.  Sometimes the customer buys the wrong item before asking questions or sometimes they wish to return the item due to having purchased the wrong item.  This happens and it has been fine up to this point.   Now, if you purchase a $500 item and then ask us to cancel for whatever reason. Paypal has decided it is a good move for them to keep that payment fee of $15 domestic and $25 international.  This is a fee that their system does automatically and has for 2 decades. There is no more manpower involved.  If we dont fight back now, then we will regret it later.

We are a literal mom and pop business and companies that make billions should be leading the way vs. latching onto the lowest common denominator and charging the store owners even more when the customer makes a mistake. Hopefully, this type of capitalism is on its way out.

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Read about it here and make your thoughts known to them. #dontsupportpaypalgreed